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Breaking the Stigma of Men's Mental Health, Overcoming Trauma, Trusting the process and going all in

Check out the new podcast interview with our new member Chris Chesterfield about Breaking the Male Stigma, Overcoming Trauma, Trusting the process, and going all in. He talks about his struggles and his bittersweet journey on personal development. The good, the bad, and the ugly. In this episode we interview our newest member of our men's group Christopher Chesterfield. We explain how he came to the brotherhood and dive deep into his past traumas, abuse, and how his life was an echo effect of his actions of running from pain. Living with the pain and sorrow, while bringing it out on every one in his destructive path. He speaks how the chain of effects of momentum shifted him onto his life changing perceptive. Holding himself accountable and realize the story he was telling himself wasn't true. A path of previous traumas in his life turned into a bittersweet journey of no regrets mixed with finally feeling at peace. Spreading his stories to help break the stigma for men. His compelling story encourages us that being the egos worst enemy, being accountable, and showing up was the best thing he did. How his limiting beliefs once kept a tight grip on his path until things started to challenge his mind. The first feel of purpose and unconditional love.. Realizing is was all worth something to be brave and take the leap of personal development. Trusting the path and going all in.



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