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Many of us are NOT aware of the impact it has on our WIFE, when we live below the standard of who our creator designed us to be.

Maybe she wants to talk about it but doesn't feel the safety as she's scared you'll get angry, dismissive, headstrong or defensive.

The PAIN a woman endures when the Man she LOVES is not showing up as the Masculine Leader he was born to be is incomprehensible.

Many of us are NOT Aware of the lack of safety it creates in our Marriage when we are living below our true POTENTIAL.

Many of us are NOT Aware of the impact it has on our WIFE, when we live below the standard of who our creator designed us to be.

We are NOT Aware of how the denying and prolonging of our greatness eradicates TRUST and destroys the INTIMACY.

It's very likely she does NOT feel fully met, heard or SEEN by you and it's causing a feeling of separation in your relationship.

This is a deep pain in her SOUL and she's learned to tolerate less because she loves you, but it's secretly crushing her inside (whether she knows it or not)

Maybe she doesn't have the skills to properly articulate this pain to you, ask for what she needs or take responsibility for her part in it.

Maybe she's tried to talk about it, but the words landed wrong or you couldn't receive it and became reactive, walked away, or flipped it around on her.

Maybe she wants to talk about it but doesn't feel the safety as she's scared you'll get angry, dismissive, head strong or defensive.

This is NOT about putting the BLAME on the Man

This is NOT about placing FAULT on the Man

This is NOT about who is right and who is WRONG

You're probably doing the best with what you know or have learned about being a Man, but it's NOT ENOUGH!

and it's NOT YOUR FAULT, because you haven't been taught about the deeper needs of the Feminine and how to truly have a successful relationship.

I'm sure you both likely brought in your baggage & unhealthy patterns from family and past relationships that hasn't been fully dealt with and it's silently impacting the energy in your relationship.

So what are you supposed to do?

How do you FIX this situation?

How do I get her back or earn back her trust?

In working with over hundreds men for many years and having my own personal breakdowns, including a divorce, I can share with you a TRUTH that I wish I knew back then but am grateful I now know.

This is not about GETTING HER BACK!

This is about GETTING YOU BACK!

This IS about WAKING UP, and growing your CONSCIOUSNESS

This IS about your Heartfelt, Courageous HUNGER to take FULL Ownership & Responsibility for your MARRIAGE and your LIFE.

Extreme OWNERSHIP for a Man is his key to FREEDOM and to a Relationship on FIRE.

This IS about you realizing what's happening is BECAUSE of you and it's not happening to you.

If I Provide & Protect and Love her isn't that enough?

If she's cheating, how is that my fault?

If she's closed off and mean all the time, how's that my fault?

If she's checked out and won't communicate, how's it my fault?

If she doesn't want to change or grow, how is that my fault?



This IS about becoming more conscious and understanding ENERGY

ENERGY is the invisible radio signal, the frequency you project, the vibration that you give off like a cell phone tower signal.

The ENERGY you give off to the world has attracted exactly what's showing up in your LIFE, Business and in your MARRIAGE.

Things don't happen TO YOU, they happen because OF YOU.

And if you want to have a different LIFE and Marriage, you can't wait for someone else to CHANGE, or keep pointing fingers.

It's time to STOP blaming and take a good hard look in the MIRROR, as it's the only reflection that will never LIE to you.

Taking FULL Ownership of our LIFE empowers us to do the WORK and REAP what we SOW.

This is where the true journey begins for a Man. The honest admission that my life is the way it is because of me and me alone.

Does this mean you should stay in a toxic relationship and violate yourself, and disrespect yourself? >> NO

Does this mean you should go against the truth in your heart and try to make it work even if you know it can't >> NO

If you KNOW in your heart your relationship has come to an end then do it with immense Respect, Dignity, Honor, Compassion and Grace.

But if you know you've never truly given your partner the REAL you, the Empowered, Unleashed, Fully Present, Fully Available, Masculine LEADER that you were born to be >> THEN IT'S TIME

It's TIME to give up being the pleaser and yes man

It's TIME to take back your self respect

It's TIME to get out of your head and start feeling again

It's TIME to face and confront the conversations you've hidden from

It's TIME for the WOLF to break out of the self imposed cage!

It's TIME for the KING to reclaim his Kingdom, Wife & Family!

It's TIME for the world to feel the depth of your Masculine Heart

It's TIME to Reclaim your PASSION, POWER, & PURPOSE.




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