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Ready to quit alcohol? 3 tips for becoming sober & setting a solid foundation for the journey

In this video we go over 3 different things to help you on the path of getting sober. Things affect our ability to break the toxic cycle of addiction. Most people try to break an addiction, but don't understand how their environment and the people around them play a huge role. How bad do you want to save yourself? We take full accountability and need to understand that excuses to stay in the cycle need to be broken. We give men a brotherhood and support to stay accountable on the sober journey. We disrupt the cycle by finding new and healthy hobbies and passions to spark our interest to use our time growing, instead of placing bandaids on our problems. Once we give up the things that no longer serve us, we find things that are a healthy outlet, and we THEN focus on dealing with the trauma head on. The money we used to spend wasting our lives and running from our problems will be used to hire a therapist, coach, or join a brotherhood like ours.



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