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Dear Friend,

God forbid, if your life were to end today, what would be the Legacy that you left behind?

Have you thought of what your wife, children and loved ones might regret that they never got from you?

Would your wife be full of grief at the loss of her man? Or would she be secretly relieved?

If your children were asked if they would want a marriage like yours, what would they say?

We all leave a Legacy behind us. It will either be negative, positive, or so-so.

The decisions you made yesterday and the ones you will make today and tomorrow will shape the legacy you leave behind for those you love.

So my question to you today is what are you doing to make sure that the legacy of your marriage serves as an example for what love should be like?

For most men, the answer is nothing

In fact, most men willfully wear a blindfold ignoring the warning signs that their marriage is taking a turn for the worse…

Most men come to us after marriage counseling has failed to fix their relationship.

Here's why that happens...

Men need other men to help them rise to greatness.

(At Alpha Redefinition we use the phrase "A wolf is no less a wolf because he’s dressed in sheepskin and the devil is no less the devil because he’s dressed as an angel.")

So let's say your wife opens up in counseling and shares that she's not attracted to you anymore because you've gained weight.

What are you going to do with that information?

You're probably going to go online (or buy a book) about losing weight...

And then what?

If you're like most men you're going to FAIL to change your old habits...


Because you need a tribe of men surrounding you to push and challenge and stretch you until you feel uncomfortable — and it's that discomfort that will transform you.

Men have become too addicted to comfort and it's making us soft and weak.

Your woman wants a strong man who isn't afraid to face whatever needs to be faced to come out better on the other side.

But she doesn't want to help you with this — she doesn't want to carry you through it.

She wants to follow you!

So if you're ready to become the leader you were meant to be, join the Wolfpack Brotherhood.

I had to realize this inconvenient truth in my own marriage.

Years ago, when I looked in the marriage, I saw a phony.

I had to ask myself the harsh questions I asked you at the beginning of this letter.

You see, I had the sacred privilege of holding his father’s hand for his last breath here on Earth.

Seeing the regret etched into his face as he passed was one of the main reasons I started to focus on the legacy I would leave behind.

This motivated me in my marriage to…

Choose love over judgement

Realize that anything I get aggravated at, is because of me, not my partner

Understand that marriage is NOT a two way street, it’s owning your side of the street

Embrace that a relationship takes work, it takes commitment

Be responsible for what I say to her and behind her back

Listen through my heart

I knew I what I needed was LESS OF FEELING THIS…














The reason I got great results like these in just 1 day is because of the experience I’ve gained working with more than 10,000 men over the past 10 years.

That’s why so many men are more than happy to invest $3,500 to spend twelve weeks with us to take an intense course

But the investment in yourself today is only $3 a day!

Just in case you’re wondering if your relationship is too worn and tattered to be stitched back together again, here’s my advice to you…

If you’re not divorced — it’s not too late!

Men have come to us after being forced out of the house… When their women were having affairs…

And even after being told that the relationship is over

Regardless of if you’re separated you still have a chance to rescue the relationship.

That’s because every interaction is a chance to show her that you’re learning, that you’re growing as a man, and that you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to heal what you’ve broken.

We can’t promise you any specific results, but we can promise you that these techniques have worked for 1,000s of men whose relationships were on the brink.

So no matter what state of disrepair your relationship is — if you have any hope whatsoever that it can be saved…

You should join us at Alpha Redefinition — The Wolfpack Brotherhood!

What you learn in that one day could be all it takes to get the ball rolling in the right direction again.


Within the first hour of our elite brotherhood, you’ll see that this training is totally different from all the other stuff you’ve tried so far.

And when you walk away from the event you’ll know exactly how you’re supposed to show up as a man in the relationship.

Your family needs you to show up as a stable leader with roots like the mighty oak tree that you are.

My brothers and I are “all in” to help you rescue your relationship…

So are you ready to do this?



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