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Sam Frick

“I’m the kind of person, who has many friends- but a slim amount who KNOW my feelings and the true me. I’m the “I’m fine” person, even when I’m not.. and I’m very thankful I’ve had the pleasure to talk to Talan. He really is brilliant, if you’re one whose fascinated by brains you will see what I mean even in one session. I don’t meet people who “get me”, and if they do it’s not for a lengthy period. I appreciate Talan, helping me channel my thoughts and really give me a greater understanding as to why my brain works the way it does. That I’m not crazy, and there really is a method to my thinking. Although most would describe me as “Strong”, I’ve been through years of mental trauma.. and fight daily battles with my inner demons still today. In just a few sessions, I truly feel Talan has enlightened me to different perspectives that had never occurred to me. Me, being an extreme analyzer, never realized that I could be missing scenarios or perspectives to a situation. I look forward to building up my character, my mental state and achieving what “success” means to ME with the help of Talan!”

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